100% digital, environmentally friendly label printing

Durst: State of the art 7 colour

Xeikon: The only one of it’s kind in Victoria

About Us

Privately Australian Owned & Operated Family business.
The team at NDP saw a need for a company that completely removes the old fashioned press and boldly moves into the future with high end, 100% digital label printing.

We are committed to high end production of labels for the commercial market and this is why we started digital printing in Melbourne. We see an opportunity for you, the customer, to benefit from consistent production and cost savings over conventional printing. There are no extra plate costs and you do not have to order more than you need to save money. You will also benefit from faster turnaround and the ability to run smaller quantities. This leaves the struggling print quality of letterpress and flexo behind forever.


Attention to detail

At ndp, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to printing. Our talented in house graphic artists check all artwork prior to printing to ensure everything looks good to go. Our printers also take care in checking the following:

  • Print quality (registration & colour)
  • Colour matching (Pantone to CMYK)
  • Barcodes
  • Image resolution
  • Text legibility

Environment & Sustainability

A new sustainable approach to label printing

We have reduced our impact on the environment in every way possible. We saw a need for a label printer that actually cares about the planet, and so we developed New Digital Print- a 100% digital label printer.

Our Environmental Initiatives

Installation of 100+ solar panels

Installing as many solar panels as we could fit on our factory roof has enabled us to run our printing equipment completely on clean solar energy, not to mention it has more than halved our electricity bill. We produce enough energy from our solar panels to put electricity back into the grid- helping to ease power loads on hot Melbourne Summer days.

Little use of chemicals

We have a clean Hi-tech digital workspace and print factory. This means we have very little need for cleanup chemicals that would normally be used in conventional printing equipment. We save hundreds of litres of harmful cleanup chemicals from being released into our oceans.

No gas powered equipment

All factory machinery is electric including our print presses and forklift. This means we produce no fumes or no carbon emissions on site.

Eco & recycled stocks

We have a range of recycled and eco-friendly stocks available. Please contact us to find out more about our stock options.

Low waste factory equipment

All our printing equipment, being 100% digital, has very low electrical needs when compared to conventional printing presses (less than half). Furthermore, our material waste is a small fraction of waste when compared to material waste produced by conventional printing presses. We only use a few meters of material for setup and we can rewind a test print so the next test print lands next to the first. Our DURST press is the only machinery with this capability within Australia.

No plates! No harsh cleaning required

Printing plates are required in conventional printing and produce tonnes of unnecessary landfill, chemical and polimer waste. As we are digital, we do not use plates. This not only saves you money (no plate costs) but also makes mother nature happy. It’s a win win!

Vegetable based inks (you could eat them!)

Our Xeikon press is the greenest press on the planet. You can even ingest the ink with no ill affect due to its plant based pigment.

Low carbon footprint

Making our business 100% digital has a big impact on making a small carbon footprint. By printing your labels with us, rest assured know that you are supporting an innovative company working towards a clean, green future. It’s all the little things that make a big difference.

Quick Turnaround

All our labels are printed 100% digitally which means you get your labels quickly! No lengthy processing time or print plates needed.


Plates are expensive and a time consuming process in conventional printing. Digital printing completely skips this step meaning your label artwork goes straight from the computer to the printer.

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Innovation: The Digital Principle

The team at NDP saw a need for a company that completely removes the old fashioned press and boldly moves into the future with high end, 100% digital label printing. Follow our lead and “print only what you need, reprint when needed” and help reduce waste. Unlike traditional printing, we have short print runs which means you do not need to order excess labels.

Durst Tau 330

The only one in Australia – purchased in 2018, The Durst Tau 330 is built to the latest state of the art digital UV Inkjet technology. Its outstanding printing speed providing fastest production time, thus reducing labour and machine hour costs and has environmental benefits. This 7 colour press (CMYK + Orange + Violet & optional White) offers 90% coverage of the Pantone color gamut.

Xeikon 3030 Plus

The high-speed Xeikon Plus 3030 is our specialised digital printer that is perfect for small to medium print runs including premium wine and FMCG products. Our inks are FDA compliant for indirect and direct food packaging applications.